Commercial Dishwasher Buying Guide

When a customer comes into a restaurant to dine in, it’s not just the food that makes the biggest impression; cleanliness also plays a role. A dirty platter or a stained glass can not only spoil the customer’s mood or food for that matter but will also have an adverse impact on the restaurant’s business.

A patron may not be concerned what kind of dishwasher the restaurant, bar, or café is using, but they certainly care about the spotless dishes in which their food is being served.

If you’re a restaurant owner or planning to become one, we can guide you in buying the right and best commercial dishwasher for you.

The Key Components of a Quality Commercial Dishwasher

If someone asks you to describe a dishwasher in one word, you will go for convenient. Well, a commercial dishwasher needs to be extra comfortable to go the extra mile.

It has to be easily manageable so that the staff can work with it without going through any trouble. A quality commercial dishwasher should be time efficient so that the staff won’t have to wait, and the clean dishes are always available for serving in a timely manner.

It must be hygienically approved.

Commercial Dishwasher Types

There are four main types of commercial dishwashers.

Undercounter Commercial Dishwasher:

  • These are the ultimate solution for small cafes, bars and mini restaurants, as they do not occupy much space. They function in a similar manner as that of a domestic household dishwasher. They can be installed quite easily and can be adjusted in a corner.
  • However, these dishwashers are not suitable for big restaurants, as they do not have a large capacity for dishes.


  • Glasswashers are specially created for the delicate glassware. These are ideal for bars and large restaurants, where unique glassware is used to pour the drinks, such as the wine and champagne glasses. But the best part is that all kinds of dishes can be washed in the glasswashers.
  • Their speciality, though, is glassware, the flow of the water is just appropriate for the most fragile and sensitive glasses, and maintains the finesse and sparkle.
  • As much as they can wash the glasses and the dishes, they are not usable for large pans and pots.

Door-Type Commercial Dishwasher

  • As the name suggests, these commercial dishwashers have doors, which have racks to be filled with dishes. As soon as the racks are filled, they are inserted into the machine. They are one of the fastest dishwashers and clean dishes in the minimum time. They have a larger capacity for dishes than most other dishwashers.
  • Door-Type Commercial Dishwashers are best for the bigger restaurants and kitchens, to handle the load.
  • Since these have more capacity, they require more space, are more expensive than other dishwashers and also consume a significant amount of energy and water.

Conveyer Type Commercial Dishwashers

  • Conveyer Type Commercial Dishwashers provide the largest capacity for dishes. They are huge in size. These dishwashers were made for the places like large cafeterias, and commercial kitchens which serves hundreds of people at a time.
  • They are the most expensive dishwashers in the market, although the reason is pretty obvious. They are fast, capacitate large amounts of dishes and clean in a perfect manner.
  • They do require a special place for them and a consistent power and water supply to work properly.