Commercial Catering Utensils

The utensils are as important as the ingredients, without them the Chef can't cook anything. At Alpha Catering, we have all the essential tools for the chefs and the beginners. Our utensils collection includes can openers, chopping board and scrappers, food preparation, frying baskets, spatulas, ladles, spoons, graters, vegetable slicers, peelers, zesters, strainers, measuring scales, jugs, funnels, Ice cream scoops and portioners, serving utensils, squeeze sauce bottles, chinois, moulin, tab grabbers, cooking timers and thermometers. From start to the end, these utensils complete the cooking process.

For their durability and performance, we choose the utensils by exclusive brands like Vogue and Matfer.

Beaters, Whisks, Paddles, Dippers and MixersBrushes and Rolling PinsCan Openers and AccessoriesChopping Boards and ScrapersFood PreparationKitchen Scissors and ShearsMandolines Graters and Vegetable SlicersMeasuring UtensilsMetal SkewersPasta CuttersPeelers Zesters and GarnishingScales Measuring Jugs and FunnelsScoops and Ice Cream PortionersScrapers, spatulas, spoons, spreaders, turnersServing UtensilsSkimmers and Splatter ScreensSpatulas Ladles and SpoonsSpinners and MillsSqueeze Sauce BottlesStrainers Chinois and MoulinTab Grabbers Clocks and Cooking TimersThermometersTongs
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