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Commercial Plate Rack

Whether you run a restaurant, banquet facility, or catering company, chances are that you are constantly on the lookout for ways to maximise space and boost efficiency. One great way commercial kitchens can accomplish this is by making use of plate racks. A kitchen plate rack can allow you to move prepared dishes with ease and serves as a place to store fully or partially finished plates without taking up too much space. Some models are collapsible or foldable, which means they won’t occupy space in your commercial kitchen when they’re not in use.

We carry commercial plate racks from industry leaders like F.E.D. Some of the features you might find include adjustable grips that can be adapted to the size of the plate, independently rotating columns, stainless steel frames, castors, and protective covers.

Take a look at our complete line of products by F.E.D., Metro, and Alphaline.

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