Combination Fridge\Freezer

Combination Fridge\Freezer

Keeping refrigerated and frozen ingredients well organised is an important part of having a highly productive food service kitchen. Doing so allows you to check stock levels quickly to meet customer demands, and \ ensure you don’t have food spoilage issues. A combination fridge/freezer allows you to store both refrigerated and frozen items in a single unit to save space.

The commercial fridge freezer combo models we carry are large, and made with stainless steel bodies. That means they fit the needs of a busy kitchen and are easy to maintain. Models with casters are simple to move from place to place as needed. Check out the fridge freezer combination equipment we have from brands like Kozyair and Skope. Other refrigeration products are available from brands such as F.E.D.

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Combination Fridge\Freezer
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    Skipo SRFT45-2 Upright Dual Temp 576L
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