Tomato Slicers

Commercial Tomato Slicer

With a tomato slicer in hand, you can now cut all tomatoes in a go. Not only this reduces preparation time in the kitchen but also makes consistent slices. It is of great use for any sandwich shop, restaurant or cafeteria that produces large quantities of sandwiches, hamburgers or subs. To get this super convenient preparation machine, check out our range of tomato slicers available at affordable prices. Order it online and cut the perfect tomato slices for your salads, sandwiches at your sandwich shop, restaurant, cafeteria or deli.

These well-made tomato slicers make the laborious task of slicing tomatoes efficient and easy while producing uniform thickness every time you use it, for all your recipes. For any food service that sells large quantities of sandwiches, burgers or any food item containing tomato slices, a tomato slicer is a vital piece of kitchen tools.

Varying in size, designs and styles, we have a variety of tomato slicers that come with blades in small and large sizes to produce a slice thickness according to your preference. Some of them also come with straight, scalloped and serrated blades. So, purchase a commercial tomato slicer to cut fresh tomatoes evenly for sandwiches, burgers, artisan pizzas or to simply refill your salad bar. No matter what you use it for, a tomato slicer is super convenient, saves time in the kitchen and helps increase food production in lesser time.

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Tomato Slicers
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    F.E.D. HT-5.5 Fast Tomato Slicer
    RRP: $358.80 Special Price $303.00 SAVE: $55.80 ($333.30 including GST)

    Nemco NTS0045 EASY TOMATO SLICER 4.5mm 3/16"
    RRP: $550.00 Special Price $462.00 SAVE: $88.00 ($508.20 including GST)

    NTS0001-LOW-RES-300x277 (1).jpg
    Nemco NTS0060 EASY TOMATO1/4" 6.25mm
    RRP: $550.00 Special Price $462.00 SAVE: $88.00 ($508.20 including GST)

    Nemco NTS55875 Easy Tomato Scooper
    RRP: $4.00 Special Price $3.36 SAVE: $0.64 ($3.70 including GST)

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