Dough Mixers

By equipping your business or home kitchen with a dough mixer, you will be able to make tons of dinner rolls, loaves of bread, pizza crusts, and various other bread-based food items more efficiently and quickly. From 10 to 75 litre, Alpha Catering Equipment has a good range of dough mixers. So, pick from units of various capacities to discover the best one for your high or low-volume needs. Also, you may choose between heavy-duty and standard models, depending on your need to use the dough mixer.

If you are planning to make a pizza from scratch over the weekend or setting up a bakery or a restaurant, a dough mixer is something you can’t miss to purchase. But, if you are wondering where to buy dough mixers, we, at Alpha Catering Equipment, have a diverse variety of dough mixers at affordable prices.  A dough mixer is the perfect piece of paraphernalia for your pizzeria, bakery or other foodservice business that makes a large quantity of dough on regular basis. These mixers have spiral-shaped agitators that remain static while the fixed bowls spin around them. Additionally, this mixer-style will prepare dough quite speedily.

Most of the mixers come with two-speed options that help the doer to mix the dough properly for better results. Not to mention, these commercial mixers have a hook that kneads only some percentage of the whole dough at a given time. This keeps friction heat low and averts the contents from getting hard. Choose from the wide variety of dough mixers and save your time.

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