Automatic Sieves

Automatic Sieves

To create some of the finest purees and bisques, a sieve is a staple of every hospitality establishment. We carry the Robot Coupe product line of automatic sieves to ensure you and your staff can free up their time to do other important kitchen duties. The automatic sieves work hard practically on their own helping chefs sieve soups and stocks. An automatic sieve makes it easy to extract fruit pulp. So you can make beautiful creations of jams, ice creams, and vegetable purees quickly.

It's also a great piece of equipment to have to strain ingredients such as spices and herbs from soups and sauces. Our automatic sieves come in a variety of sizes to fit your large volume of orders.

Be sure to also check out the complete Robot Coupe  product lines we stock for other amazing commercial kitchen equipment.

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Automatic Sieves
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    Robot Coupe C80 Automatic Sieve
    Robot Coupe C 80 Automatic Sieve
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    Robot Coupe C 200 Automatic Sieve
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