Baby Change Stations

Families coming into your establishment will prefer to return if you offer them the necessary comforts and convenience. Baby changing stations could increase the footfalls of your restaurant or café, especially if it is frequented by young couples and new/expecting parents.

These stations are available in rectangle and oval shape is either surface mounted or recess mounted on the walls. A station that mounts on countertop is also available. Some models have multiple color, stainless steel veneer or cladding option.  All stations have replaceable snap-lock protective holding straps, and the wall mounted ones pneumatic shocks for easy opening and closing of bed. These stations have molded graphic instructions and safety messages in multiple languages.

Designed for commercial spaces, the baby change stations are strong, compact and easy-to-use. With a variety of options, these stations provide both a safe and a hygienic place to take care of babies away from home.

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