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Commercial Heat Lamps

If your food service outlet features a buffet, carving station, or serving line, a heat lamp is an ideal solution for keeping food hot until your guests are ready to eat it. Whether you need to warm rolls, fried food, or freshly cut meat, a heat lamp can do the job whilst keeping everything at a safe temperature.

We carry heat lamps from a number of the industry’s most renowned brands, including F.E.D., Roband, Alto Shaam, Anvil, and Woodson. All of our offerings can help you show off your food in the best light while making it sure it doesn’t drop to a temperature that is unappetising, or even worse, unsafe. We have a number of mounting styles to choose from, so you are sure to find something that can adapt to the space in question.

Check out our full line of products from F.E.D., Roband, and Alto Shaam

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Heat Lamps
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