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Booth Seats

Booth seating can give your establishment a more prestigious look, help you maximize the seating capacity and draw in more customers. This impressive selection of restaurant and dining booths is sure to have what your business is looking for.

Booths are generally available in single, double, half, and three-quarter booth sizes in a wide variety of both modern and retro styles. When you utilize this seating concept, it creates less traffic around tables and also enhances the privacy and comfort of your guests. By adding booths, you save lots of floor space, and that means that you can offer more seating to a higher number of customers, which translates into more business for you. They impart an elegant vibe that attracts more people.

These dining booths come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for use in restaurants, bars, cafes, and diners. Our comfortable, durable, great-looking booths are guaranteed to make your establishment a great success.

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