Melamine Cups - Superware

Melamine Cups - Superware

Melamine plastics are being extensively used to make cups these days as they are BPA-free and deemed safe for everyone. You can serve all your piping hot beverages, soups, and stews in them – the melamine cups make for good presentation with their colors and styles. We stock a host of colored mugs, tea cups, cappuccino cups, and saucers made of melamine plastic in various sizes. Sourced from some of the top vendors in the business, browse through our collection of trendy melamine coffee mugs and cappuccino cups for your restaurant, bistro, or café.

These colored mugs, cups, and saucers, made from highly durable melamine, can stand up to repeated use while still looking great in your diner, restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria. The best part is melamine cups look like those made of ceramic and fine china, but aren’t breakable, so you are spared the embarrassment and hassle of clean-up. So go ahead and start shopping!

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Melamine Cups - Superware
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