Brandy and Sherry Glasses

Brandy and Sherry Glasses

You can't serve brandy or sherry in a standard tumbler. That is why you need the right glasses that are perfect for serving the liquors, making the experience very stylish and elegant. Customers appreciate it when you pay attention to these trivial, but important details.

Traditional brandy glasses release the beautiful natural aroma and flavor of your preferred brandy for your customers’ maximum drinking pleasure. Short stemmed brandy glasses with a round, voluminous bowl are great for serving brandy at the bar, restaurant, or lounge. Don’t forget to look at the assortment of port and sherry glasses are great glasses to have for guests who enjoy a port or small sherry as their favorite tipple.

Sourced from some of the finest glass manufacturers, our collection of brandy and sherry glasses provides you with many years of fantastic service in any commercial setting. They are available at extremely reasonable rates too.

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Brandy and Sherry Glasses
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    Bormioli Rocco Riserva Cognac Glass - 530ml 310-011
    RRP: $7.00 Special Price $6.00 SAVE: $1.00 ($6.60 including GST)

    Bormioli Rocco Premium Cognac - 645ml 310-307
    RRP: $9.00 Special Price $7.00 SAVE: $2.00 ($7.70 including GST)

    Stolzle Grandezza Brandy Balloon - 610ml 360-940
    RRP: $10.00 Special Price $8.00 SAVE: $2.00 ($8.80 including GST)

    Athena Ryner Glass In Veritas Brandy 700ml 0580108
    Athena Luigi Bormioli Napoleon Cognac 395ml CC6601834
    Athena Luigi Bormioli Napoleon Cognac 720ml CC6602214
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