Cold Display

Cold Display Fridge

Showcase your exquisite cold food creations with a top quality cold display unit. Whether you’re looking for a cold display counter, a deli cabinet, or an ice cream display, we’ve got the right cold display units to put any type of food in the spotlight.

We carry beautiful and well-crafted units made by some of the finest display makers, including Carpigiani, Koldtech, Anvil, Roband, FPG, F.E.D., and Woodson. You’ll find options that run the gamut from standard to extraordinary, such as double-glazed glass, adjustable shelving, lighting, humidity control, and active defrost cycles. We have displays that are good for busy food service outlets that need to display a big variety or quantity of food, or smaller units that can be tucked into a more conservative space that show off a few special items.         

Check out some of the other products we carry by Koldtech, FPG, and Carpigiani.

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Cold Display
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