Stanley Roger Cutlery

The eponymously named Stanley Rogers company was founded in Melbourne in 1928. Rogers, a silversmith from Sheffield in the UK — a city synonymous with silver smithing — brought elegant, sophisticated cutlery that was inspired by his hometown’s unique industrial heritage to Australia. The company has since passed through three generations of the Rogers family. Today, Stanley Rogers follows a “modern traditionalist” aesthetic. The design and production of each piece of cutlery or cookware is guided by the company’s history and an unfaltering attention to detail; each piece is styled according to contemporary trends and forged in the latest materials. Such is the extent of the craftsmanship involved in the process that some cutlery sets come with a 50 year guarantee. Stanley Rogers continues to provide the Australian market with high–quality cutlery sets, kitchen knives, cookware and other cooking accessories. Each Stanley Rogers piece mixes a timeless design with durability to create products that, like the business, stay in the family for generations.
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    Grecian CC20672 Table Knife
    Stanley Roger Grecian CC20672 Table Knife
    Grecian CC20671 Dessert Knife
    Stanley Roger Grecian CC20671 Dessert Knife
    Grecian CC20660 Table Fork
    Stanley Roger Grecian CC20660 Table Fork
    Grecian CC20655 Teaspoon
    Stanley Roger Grecian CC20655 Teaspoon
    Grecian CC20654 Soup Spoon
    Stanley Roger Grecian CC20654 Soup Spoon
    Grecian CC20653 Dessert Spoon
    Stanley Roger Grecian CC20653 Dessert Spoon
    Grecian CC20652 Dessert Fork
    Stanley Roger Grecian CC20652 Dessert Fork
    Clarendon CC20772 Table Knife
    Stanley Roger Clarendon CC20772 Table Knife
    Clarendon CC20771 Dessert Knife
    Stanley Roger Clarendon CC20771 Dessert Knife
    Clarendon CC20760 Table Fork
    Stanley Roger Clarendon CC20760 Table Fork
    Clarendon CC20755 Teaspoon
    Stanley Roger Clarendon CC20755 Teaspoon
    Clarendon CC20754 Soup Spoon
    Stanley Roger Clarendon CC20754 Soup Spoon