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Deva Crockery

From round to rectangle all styles and designs of plates are available. Professionals love the designs of Deva Crockery because it allows them to serve their special meals in a stylish and attractive way. You can introduce the Deva Crockery to your restaurant table to create a unique look or make a mismatched innovative style. Deva Crockery is perfect for the restaurants which have their appeal and elegance. The biggest attraction of the crockery is the rounded ends which makes it look even more attractive and stylish. No two designs of Deva Crockery are the same which means that the products you will get will be a unique and limited edition.

There are various styles available; you can have the one which compliments the cooking style of your chef and your restaurant perfectly to create a lasting effect. We have the complete collection of Deva Crockery available at our store. You can easily select the one that you like the most. All the styles and designs of crockery are available at the most affordable rate. Deva Crockery is available in a comprehensive collection. You can easily order the one which meets your demands and make your restaurant look more interesting and mesmerizing. Your customers will love the presentation of the food because of the perfect white plats on which everything looks good.

Deva Deva PrimeDeva Royal Bone China Diva
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  1. Deva 95387 Ascot Lasagne Dish (A1345) 210x320mm
    Special Price $24.26 $22.05 Old price $29.11 $26.46
  2. Deva 95390 Ascot Lasagne Dish (A1338) 260x390mm
    Special Price $48.44 $44.04 Old price $58.14 $52.85
  3. Deva 95640 Prime Square Plate (N5626) 145x145mm
    Special Price $8.60 $7.82 Old price $10.32 $9.38
  4. Deva 95643 Prime Square Plate (N5602) 220x220mm
    Special Price $17.91 $16.28 Old price $21.48 $19.53
  5. Deva 95660 Prime Rectangular Plate (N5609) 300x195mm
    Special Price $39.42 $35.84 Old price $47.30 $43.00
  6. Deva 95672 Prime Rectangular Dish (N5612) 220x145mm
    Special Price $17.62 $16.02 Old price $21.14 $19.22
  7. Deva 95383 Ascot Oval Dish (A1344) 215x345mm
    Special Price $44.35 $40.32 Old price $55.44 $50.40
  8. Deva 95385 Ascot Oval Dish (A1337) 260x410mm
    Special Price $62.83 $57.12 Old price $78.54 $71.40
  9. Deva 95650 Prime Square Platter (N5611) 315x315mm
    Special Price $70.22 $63.84 Old price $87.78 $79.80
  10. Deva 95668 Prime Rectangular Platter (N5627) 470x175mm
    Special Price $60.98 $55.44 Old price $76.23 $69.30
  11. Deva 95662 Prime Rectangular Plate (N5608) 400x290mm
    Special Price $59.14 $53.76 Old price $73.92 $67.20
  12. Deva 95665 Prime Deep Rectangular Platter (N5610) 395x290mm
    Special Price $77.62 $70.56 Old price $97.02 $88.20
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12 Items

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