Donut Fryer

Donut Fryer

There are many types of concession and comfort foods that require special cooking procedure and equipment and donuts aren't any exception. To give donuts the perfect cook, you need a dedicated high quality donut fryer. When donuts are being fried in batches, the ring shape of the donut requires a wide and square vat to provide an even cook for all of them. For the purposes of cooking, donuts have to be isolated from the heating element and submerged in the oil, a task that can only be accomplished with a donut fryer which comes with a pair of grates that can be lowered into the vat. They also need a draining board to get rid of the excess oil before they are serving worthy.

Alpha Catering Equipment has a wide range of donut fryers from renowned brands such as F.E.D., Lotus, and Roband which are fantastic for hotels, restaurants, bars, and fast food joints who want to serve their customers donuts made from scratch. These electric donut fryers allow any cook in a commercial gelato chain to take control of what they serve. Made of high quality materials and featuring affordable price tags, these donut fryers won't prove to be a burden on your bank account and will give you an opportunity to stand out with fresh home-made donut breakfast. In a growing food industry where competition is tough, donut fryers can provide you the edge you want to get ahead in the business.

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Donut Fryer
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    Lotus FPE 20 Donut Fryer
    Lotus FPE-20 17L Large Pan Electric Pastry Fryer Bench Model
    RRP: $3,600.00 Special Price $2,808.00 SAVE: $792.00

    Roband FD10 Donut Fryer
    Roband FD10 Donut Fryer
    RRP: $887.00 Special Price $788.00 SAVE: $99.00

    F.E.D. EF-T Benchtop Electric Donut Fryer
    F.E.D. EF-T Benchtop Electric Donut Fryer
    RRP: $828.00 Special Price $625.00 SAVE: $203.00

    Lotus F45-78G 45L Large Pan Gas Pastry Fryer on Cabinet
    Lotus FPE-25 24L Large Pan Electric Pastry Fryer Bench Model
    Lotus FPG-30 28L Large Pan Gas Pastry Fryer Bench Model
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