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At Alpha Catering Equipment, we have every one of your cafeteria and restaurant staff covered, literally. We deal in a wide range of chef clothing including the popular chef aprons, waiting gloves, shoes, head gear, pants, stud buttons, neckerchiefs jackets and tunics. We also have the more exquisite stuff including chef shirts, hygiene coats, and women wear. The cuisine café manager and junior chefs are also catered for with chef ties and junior chef clothing respectively.

As usual, every piece of chef clothing in our stores have enjoyed the touch of professional and expert manufacturers. So, looking to make the leap from a cook to a chef? Scan through our store and grab some chef gear for the team, and dress as good as your recipe. Only Tom Clancy jumping off roof tops beats the excitement of watching a cook execute a recipe in chef clothing. Being a chef somehow becomes more than about the recipe being thrown together. Anyone can collude ingredients into great recipes, but when it is done in the iconic white clothing then you can say the chef status has beenrealized.

For some unknown reason, everyone outside the cuisine loves watching high octane kitchen scenes with insane cutting, measured spicing and the perfectionist chef yelling out instructions all on show. The frantic rush of activities in the kitchen suddenly looks wrong in the absence of chef uniforms. Think of the famous John Wells movie, Burnt starring Bradley Cooper. It would all feel wrong if the kitchen staff were running around in anything but chef clothing, yea? The chef’s cuisine will easily pass for an industry, hence the necessity for chef clothing; for protective cover and uniformity.

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