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Menu Displays are perhaps the most underrated of all dining supplies. The manner in which your menu is presented makes the first impression, often impacting how food or drinks are ordered. Menu holders also ensure there is no clutter of information and guests can easily and quickly glance through the offerings. Some menu displays are slightly bigger in size and provide room for the business to share any type of running campaign or hold directional signs, guiding guests towards their bestsellers. Menu Display solutions include show-card holders, folding menu cards, holders that retain a particular shape, multi-faced menu displays that are laminated for extra protection and those made from highly durable acrylic materials. Watch this space as we add more free-standing menu displays, some catering specifically to fine dining destinations while others are more generic.

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    Aluminium Snapframe A4
    Aluminium Snapframe A4
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    Aluminium Snapframe A3
    Aluminium Snapframe A3
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