Illumigraph Stencils & Markers

Illumigraph Stencils and Markers for Restaurants

Restaurant menu boards can be challenging. Unlike regular commercial boards used for writing, these surfaces need that extra bit of durability and the ability to maintain a certain degree of lustre and easy-cleaning properties. Illumigraph stencils or markers ensure that your menu cards and menu boards have the perfect tools to write and display information for the guests. From hosting buffet parties to wedding parties and grand dining room ensembles, there is always a need for clearly texted information that helps guests quickly glance at and understand the menu options. Illumigraph stencils are easy to use and your crew won’t struggle to use it. Usable across restaurant boards of all types, these stencils are now available in a wide range of sizes, covering all the conventional texting layouts and the emerging favourites. Restaurant blackboard markers have been chose with care. Illumigraph markers don’t dry easily and have an impressive lifecycle, offering more texting volume per marker.

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Set Descending Direction
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