Commercial Bill Presenters and Check Pads

These products are a part of our bestselling range of tab grabbers & presenters. The perfect dining ambiance is much more than smartly laid tables and the perfect lighting. It is also about how you interact with guests as they wrap a fine dining experience. This is when you need bill presenters that are fashionable and trendy, able to make an impression on guests. Standard check pads can be boring, too predictable with their monochrome layout. We offer a refreshing collection of check pads and bill presentation supplies that will add to the aura of a flawless dining environment. Such catering supplies are often ignored but discerning facility managers realize the fact that impressive dining experiences is about refinement throughout, from the moment a guest enters the property to the point of presenting the bill. Durable materials ensure bill presenters don’t suffer from undue wear & tear.

Securit Bill Presenter
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