Weighing lose goods have now become easy with Weighstation Kitchen Scale Bowls and Weighstation Electronic Scales available at Alpha Catering Equipment at reasonable prices. Featuring premium-grade materials like stainless-steel, these kitchen weighing scales with bowl are easy to clean and ideal for busy kitchens. Comprising mechanical features like easy to read dial, and LCD display, Weighstation weighing scales are suitable for accurate weighing of goods. Available in assortment of colors and sizes, they offer easy maintenance and are convenient to use.

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  1. Weighstation Kitchen Scale Flat Top 10kg/22lbs Gradation 50g/1oz
    $87.89 $79.90
  2. Weighstation Kitchen Scale Bowl Top 10kg/22lbs Gradation 50g/1oz
    $76.89 $69.90
  3. Weighstation Kitchen Scale Bowl Top 5Kg/11lbs Gradation 20g/1oz
    $65.89 $59.90
  4. Weighstation White Plastic Add & Weigh Scale 5Kg /11lbs Gradation 2g/0.1oz
    $60.39 $54.90
  5. Weighstation Electronic Scales
    $43.89 $39.90
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