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Matfer is a French producer of kitchen tools, cookware, appliances, and slicing equipment for the food service industry. The Matfer brand has been in existence for over 200 years and is still family owned. This remarkable company sets the standard in professional kitchen equipment. Especially known for their handy bakery equipment, Matfer is well known amongst distinguishing master bakers and delicatessens. Their pastry cutters, stuffers, crepe pans, and utensils make food preparation exciting, simple, and efficient. Try the Matfer brand for durability, longevity, and functionality! Easily improve your operations with Matfer's time saving commercial kitchen tools.

Look for the Matfer brand as you browse our website for a useful selection of professional kitchen equipment, preparation tools, and beverage units.

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  1. Matfer Rubber Spatula – 450X70Mm
    Matfer Rubber Spatula – 450X70Mm
    Special Price $25.56 $23.24 Old price $30.67 $27.88
  2. Matfer Rubber Spatula – 350X70Mm
    Matfer Rubber Spatula – 350X70Mm
    Special Price $20.81 $18.92 Old price $24.97 $22.70
  3. Matfer Rubber Spatula – 250X70Mm
    Matfer Rubber Spatula – 250X70Mm
    Special Price $17.02 $15.47 Old price $20.42 $18.56
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