Presentation of food really matters when it comes to bars, restaurants, hotels, cafés and banquet halls. At Alpha Catering Equipment, you will get a wide variety of commercial Cutlery sets, which include soup spoons, forks, table knives, dessert spoons, and tea spoons from one of the most reliable brands Luxor at reasonable prices. Tableware from Luxor is specially designed with ergonomic handle, high gloss finish and dishwasher safe feature. These Luxor commercial cutleries will definitely mesmerize the eyes of your guests.

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  • Types Of Bakery Equipment
    When you own a bakery, there are certain types of bakery equipment that you might want to invest in. It may take some considerable effort to get your idea off the ground and create the perfect bakery – but overall, it can be done as long as you know the basics. Depending on the budget for your business, here are the types of equipment that you might want to start investing in. Read more
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