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Le Chef has been a leader in the design and manufacture of chef clothing for more than two decades. They are known for paying attention to details that other companies often overlook, making their products firm favourites with chefs around the world. For example, their “Stay Cool” technology is used in their hats and jackets, with innovative panels that will ensure chefs can stay cool even when the kitchen is uncomfortably hot. It also whisks moisture away from skin and increases airflow to the skin in important areas by as much as 350 per cent.

We offer a number of Le Chef aprons, pants, hats, and jackets that can be adapted to go with your restaurant or catering company’s chef uniforms. Any of these items are sure to win the favour of some of your business’s most important employees: the chefs.

You can also browse our complete range of chef’s clothing kits, chef’s clogs, and chef’s hats and headwear.

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