Imperia has been a mainstay of traditional Italian cooking since 1932, when their company started as a small artisan workshop whose pasta machines immediately took off and began being sold around the world. The mass immigration of Italians to the U.S. helped bring these products abroad, and the company now exports its products to 77 countries around the world.

We carry a selection of Imperia’s revered items for working with fresh pasta, including ravioli trays, pasta machines, and pasta cutters, all of which bear the unmistakeable quality that the Italian brand is known for.

Be sure to also take a look at our extensive selection of pasta cookers, pizza dough rollers, and mixers.

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    Imperia Restaurant Pasta Machine Manual R220
    $962.39 $874.90
    Imperia Fettuccine Cutter for R220
    $296.89 $269.90
    Imperia Tagliatelle Cutter for R220
    $296.89 $269.90
    Imperia Pasta Machine
    $142.89 $129.90
    Imperia Ravioli Tray 36
    $38.39 $34.90
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