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Hoshizaki creates commercial kitchen equipment that meets very exacting standards. They specialise in refrigeration products and ice machines. They draw on more than six decades of experience in the food service and commercial kitchen equipment industries. Hoshizaki pioneered the first fully automatic ice maker in Japan, and this innovative spirit can be found in their modern ice making and refrigeration product offerings.

Our range of Hoshizaki products includes ice makers, sushi cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers, all of which meet the company’s exacting standards.

Be sure to check out our entire range of chest freezers, ice makers, and undercounter glass refrigerators to meet all of your cooling needs.

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  1. HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-120BE-L
    HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-120BE-L
  2. HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-210BE-R
    HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-210BE-R
  3. HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-210BE-L
    HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-210BE-L
  4. HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-180BE-R
    HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-180BE-R
  5. HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-180BE-L
    HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-180BE-L
  6. HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-150BE-R
    HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-150BE-R
  7. HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-150BE-L
    HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-150BE-L
  8. HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-120BE-R
    HOSHIZAKI Sushi Cabinet HNC-120BE-R
  9. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Water Filter System HLF10
    HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Water Filter System HLF10
  10. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Water Filter System HLF20
    HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Water Filter System HLF20
  11. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber KM-75A HLP
    Hoshizaki KM-75A Ice Maker Cuber
  12. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber KM-50A HLP
    Hoshizaki KM-50A Ice Maker Cuber
  13. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber KM-30A HLP
    Hoshizaki KM-30A Ice Maker Cuber
  14. HOSHIZAKI Ice Machine KM-125A
    Hoshizaki Ice Maker Cuber
  15. HOSHIZAKI Ice Machine KM-100A
    Hoshizaki KM-100A Ice Maker Cuber
  16. HOSHIZAKI Ice Machine IM-100CNE-28
    HOSHIZAKI Ice Machine IM-100CNE-28
  17. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-45CNE-28
    Hoshizaki IM-45CNE-28 Ice Maker Cuber
  18. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-240NE-28
    Hoshizaki IM-240NE-28 Ice Maker Cuber
  19. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-130NE-28
    Hoshizaki IM-130NE-28 Ice Maker Cuber
  20. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-65NE-25
    Hoshizaki Ice Maker Cuber
  21. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-45CNE-25
    Hoshizaki IM-45CNE-25 Ice Maker Cuber
  22. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-30CNE-25
    Hoshizaki IM-30CNE-25 Ice Maker Cuber
  23. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-130NE-21
    Hoshizaki IM-130NE-21 Ice Maker Cuber
  24. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-100CLE-21
    HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-100CLE-21
  25. HOSHIZAKI Ice Maker Cuber IM-240NE-21
    Hoshizaki IM-240NE-21 Ice Maker Cuber
  26. Hoshizaki HFE-187MA Upright Freezer
    Hoshizaki HFE-187MA Upright Freezer
  27. Hoshizaki upright 6 door fridge - HRE-187MA
    Hoshizaki HRE-187MA Upright Chiller
  28. Hoshizaki HRE-147MA Upright Chiller
    Hoshizaki HRE-147MA Upright Chiller
  29. Hoshizaki HFE-147MA
    Hoshizaki HFE-147MA
  30. Hoshizaki HFE-127MA Upright Freezer
    Hoshizaki HFE-127MA Upright Freezer
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