Alpha Catering Equipment brings exclusive range of platters, bowls and cups by Deva that will maintain your esteem among your guests. These beautiful shaped serving platters will add uniqueness to your dining space. This extensive range of kitchen supplies is perfect for your home as well as commercial use. These professional serving bowls and platters are manufactured from high-quality materials for a durable use. Our exclusive offerings in this niche include bone china cups, extreme gravy boat stand, prime square plate and many more.

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  1. Deva 95383 Ascot Oval Dish (A1344) 215x345mm
    Special Price $44.35 $40.32 Old price $55.44 $50.40
  2. Deva 95385 Ascot Oval Dish (A1337) 260x410mm
    Special Price $62.83 $57.12 Old price $78.54 $71.40
  3. Deva 95387 Ascot Lasagne Dish (A1345) 210x320mm
    Special Price $24.26 $22.05 Old price $29.11 $26.46
  4. Deva 95390 Ascot Lasagne Dish (A1338) 260x390mm
    Special Price $48.44 $44.04 Old price $58.14 $52.85
  5. Deva 95650 Prime Square Platter (N5611) 315x315mm
    Special Price $70.22 $63.84 Old price $87.78 $79.80
  6. Deva 95640 Prime Square Plate (N5626) 145x145mm
    Special Price $8.60 $7.82 Old price $10.32 $9.38
  7. Deva 95643 Prime Square Plate (N5602) 220x220mm
    Special Price $17.91 $16.28 Old price $21.48 $19.53
  8. Deva 95668 Prime Rectangular Platter (N5627) 470x175mm
    Special Price $60.98 $55.44 Old price $76.23 $69.30
  9. Deva 95660 Prime Rectangular Plate (N5609) 300x195mm
    Special Price $39.42 $35.84 Old price $47.30 $43.00
  10. Deva 95662 Prime Rectangular Plate (N5608) 400x290mm
    Special Price $59.14 $53.76 Old price $73.92 $67.20
  11. Deva 95672 Prime Rectangular Dish (N5612) 220x145mm
    Special Price $17.62 $16.02 Old price $21.14 $19.22
  12. Deva 95665 Prime Deep Rectangular Platter (N5610) 395x290mm
    Special Price $77.62 $70.56 Old price $97.02 $88.20
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