Do you have a juice bar shop design in your head? Do you need a little help of inspiration? Bring that idea to life. Herewith us, we are happy to offer our customers with high-quality juice bar shop fit-out service. Wherever you are, our team can offer the perfect solution for your requirements. Best of all, we present you the chance whether it is only the design or a reliable juice bar shop project manager.

We take pride in manufacturing every item to a high-quality standard, working carefully with our design department and the design team of our client. Our fit-out and present our clients with the essential things they need to know starting from the creation of juice bar business plan right through the completion of the project. fit-out that every project value-adding to our clients within budget and on time.

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  1. Axwood UCD-500D Under Bench Glass/dish Washer
    Special Price $4,056.97 $3,688.15 Old price $4,772.90 $4,339.00
  2. Axwood UCD-500 Underbench Dishwasher with Auto Drain Pump
    Special Price $3,730.65 $3,391.50 Old price $4,389.00 $3,990.00
  3. Axwood UCD-400 Underbench Glass Washer with Auto Drain Pump and Detergent Pump
    Special Price $2,795.65 $2,541.50 Old price $3,289.00 $2,990.00
  4. Axwood PTD-601D Passthrough Dishwasher 3 Phase
    Special Price $5,600.65 $5,091.50 Old price $6,589.00 $5,990.00
  5. Axwood AXE-A12J Single Tank Rack Conveyor Dishwasher
    Special Price $14,351.32 $13,046.65 Old price $16,883.90 $15,349.00
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