Since 1946, Amalfi has represented the pinnacle of Italian pizza oven achievement. Founded by the vision of Placido Moretti, Amalfi is continues today under the leadership of the same family. Amalfi manufactures deck ovens in both electric and gas variants, and wood fired ovens as well. Their high-tech manufacturing plant covers 10,000 square meters, and is operated by a closely knit team of over a hundred people dedicated to created ovens and using the best, most technically advanced production machinery to be found around the globe. We carry Amalfi’s complete line: Single deck, double deck, triple deck with three, six or nine trays, and their small and large wood-fired ovens.

Why not also check out our combination ovens, or other deck ovens?

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    Amalfi Electric Two Deck Bakery Oven
    Amalfi Electric One Deck Bakery Oven
    Amalfi Traditional Woodfired Oven - Large
    Amalfi Electric Three Deck Bakery Oven
    Amalfi Electric Three Deck Oven - 9 Trays
    Amalfi Electric Three Deck Oven - 6 Trays
    Special Price $3,621.20 $3,292.00 Old price $4,844.40 $4,404.00
    Amalfi Electric Two Deck Oven
    Special Price $2,800.60 $2,546.00 Old price $3,746.60 $3,406.00
    Special Price $1,380.50 $1,255.00 Old price $1,771.00 $1,610.00
    Amalfi Wood Fired Pizza Oven
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