Why a Chef’s Jacket is Important in the Kitchen

A lot has changed from what’s obtainable centuries ago when it comes to working in a commercial kitchen. Some of these obvious changes – modern equipment, air conditioned kitchens, and technology now allow the cook to see exactly what guests have ordered without speaking to anyone. But the fact that uniforms are still universally worn in high-end kitchens and even small diners is the one that hasn’t changed. It is something that symbolises the industry and the professionalism in it.

The basic function of the uniform is to keep the chef safe in a hot kitchen. The chef jacket is an essential part of the chef uniform. It’s often what differentiates a cook from a chef and has been in use for centuries. A chef’s jacket serves several purposes like keeping the wearer safe from harm in a potentially dangerous environment; although those new to the industry may think that the jacket is more than a way to distinguish yourself in the kitchen.

First and foremost, a chef’s coat is made to keep the chef safe. It is made of high quality, fire resistant double thick cotton. A lot of dangers abound in a professional kitchen especially one with many people working together at once. While a chef’s jacket isn’t a mighty shield to completely protect you from accidents, it can do an excellent job protecting your body from steam.  The thick fabric can protect your skin from sharp kitchen tools, and it can also prevent boiling liquids from giving you severe burns. A chef’s jacket is designed to keep you safe just like every other piece of the uniform.


  • Because the kitchen is a busy place, spilling food on yourself is inevitable. A traditional chef’s coat has two rows of buttons down the front and is double breasted. This means that you can always switch the sides of the jacket if one side is stained. The thick fabric ensures that the bottom layer is free from stain by concealing the stains on the coat. There are also single breasted jackets for those who don’t do a lot of messy cooking.


  • Although the chef’s coat has a lot to do with safety, it also has more to do with professionalism. It signals that the person wearing it is a professional that takes his career seriously. It’s a known fact that the restaurant industry employs a good number of people, but not all of them take their work seriously. A bright white chef’s jacket lets the world, and your employer, know that you are not just a part time cook but that cooking is your real career that you’re very proud of.

While you may think that a chef’s jacket is an old tradition worn by some old fashioned chefs, you need to change your stand if you’re serious about your profession, your career, and your safety. A chef’s jacket has some advantages at various levels, starting with offering you protection from serious injury and ending with showing the world your professionalism. It’s something you must have in high-end kitchens, and if you intend working in a big restaurant in a large city, you should get used to wearing one. Once you do, you’ll be sure to love it.