What equipment do I need to startup a Bakery?

While eating bakery items is a delight, managing a bakery without proper catering supplies is not. There are many supplies that are critical for smooth and hassle free functioning of your bakery. You won't be able to whip up batches upon batches of tasty treats without the right equipment. Here is a list of some of the supplies that you must have to ensure that your bakery is fully equipped to cater for your customer demand.

Bakery EquipmentCommercial Bakery Equipment

First things first, having the right commercial grade equipment for your bakery is the key to uninterrupted operations of your kitchen. You need to purchase a commercial-grade oven with numerous racks, so that you can bake multiple treats, all at once. Your bakery will need some large refrigerators to store butter, eggs, milk, dough and all other materials that need to be stored in a cool place. Stand-alone mixers, dough mixers, deep fryers and kettles and preparation equipment are some more equipment you will require.

Kitchen Utensils

The bakers in your bakery would need different kinds of kitchen utensils to whip up their recipes efficiently. Apart from all the basic utensils, your bakery would require some special utensils which are essential for baking. Necessary kitchen utensils that are needed in your bakery kitchen include mixing bowls, hand mixers, measuring cups and spoons, rolling pins, cookie cutters, doughnut cutters, pie plates, pizza plates, spatulas, icing bags and cake tins.    

Bakery Display Cases

Your mouth must have watered at some point while passing by the tasty treats displayed inside a bakery. A cake display is crucial for your bakery to attract your customers, so you need to display your delicious treats in an attractive and an eye-catching way. This will fascinate your customers and they won’t be able to resist buying your scrumptious bakery items and devour your cakes, pies, rolls and cookies. You should purchase stylish glass cases with lots of space and multiple shelves for your bakery, to showcase all the desserts you’re serving up.

Chef Aprons and Protection

Provide your staff with proper chef aprons and protection so that they can work and bake skillfully. Instruct your staff to use aprons and cut resistant gloves to protect themselves during the food prep process, and keep cleaning cloths and bar towels on hand to wipe up spills and messes. Provide them with oven mitts and gloves, pot and pan handle covers, pot holders and microfiber cloths so that they can keep their workplace neat and tidy.

Facility Safety Supplies

You should maintain a safe working environment for your staff with these facility safety supplies. Keep pest control products in your bakery so that all the unsanitary nuisances are kept away. Be sure to instruct your staff to make use of proper cleaning chemicals, mops, buckets, and compliance signs. You need to ensure that your staff makes the right use of all the products and makes fresh and hygienic products for your customers to buy and devour. Also, keep first aid kits for the minor injuries of your staff and get fire extinguishers installed inside your bakery to be used in cases of emergency.