Types Of Glasses - Beer, Dessert, Wine and Champagne

Whether you’re in a restaurant, a bar or a café, what catches your eye is the glassware. The beauty and finesse of the glasses can make the drinks more appealing. In fact, not just drinks, desserts and coffees also become more attractive when they’re served in the right kind of container.

If you’re looking to open up a restaurant or a bar, we can help you in making the right choice in the glassware. Even if you’re already in the business and just looking to restock these tips will certainly benefit you.

There is a variety from which you can choose the most appropriate glasses accordingly.

Beer Glasses

Since beer is the most consumed drink in most countries, it should be presented to the customers most impressively. There is a wide collection of beer glasses such as

Wine Glasses

Wines have different flavours, likewise there are different kinds of wine glasses. Most people like to drink wine with their dinners. To serve the customers in the best way, the right kind of wine glass can make a really good impression.

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses usually have wide and round bowl, to let the drink oxidized. The maximum exposure to oxygen ensures the aroma and taste of the wine. Red wine glasses are of two types.

Bordeaux Glasses

These glasses are tall with a broad bowl, especially used for pouring the red bodied wine.

Burgundy Glasses

Broader than the Bordeaux glasses, they are used for delicate red wines for best aroma.

Champagne Glasses

No celebration is complete without Champagne. Whether someone is celebrating their success, their anniversaries or any other occasion, the splash of Champagne is always there.

Some of the most famous and good looking champagne glasses are

Champagne Flutes

Champagne Flutes are mainly designed with a tall stem and a narrow short bowl. The long stem is designed to show the delicacy and for holding the glass.

Shot glasses

Shot glasses come in different styles, yet the shots have a little quantity, the glasses are also short in size.

Brandy Glasses

A brandy glass or a snifter is usually a wide bowled, short stemmed glass. These glasses are narrower at the top. They are mostly used for serving brandy, bourbon and Whisky.

Dessert and Coffee Glasses

Desserts and coffees are everybody’s favourite. Some of the most famous coffee glasses are

Irish Coffee Mugs

Irish coffee mugs are handled mugs with a large narrow bowl and a slightly narrow bottom adjacent to the bowl.

Latte Glasses and Cups

Latte glasses are usually narrow from the bottom and wider at the top whereas the cups are round and wide for serving lattes.

Dessert Glasses

Dessert glasses are wide and shallow, with an adjacent bottom. Some desert glasses have large narrow bowl with an adjacent bottom.