Types of Cocktail Glasses: A Complete Guide

Types of Cocktail Glasses: A Complete Guide

Types of Cocktail Glasses: A Complete Guide

28 October 2021

Are you opening a bar or restaurant? Well, there are different types of glasses for drinks, therefore, it is important to know about the different types of cocktail glasses out there. If you are out in the market to buy some stunning and attractive cocktail glasses, here’s a detailed guide for you to follow. Below we have listed some of the best cocktail glasses types that you should consider buying for your bar.

1. Rocks Glass

These are the glasses that almost every bar has. Rock glasses are small, broad, and sturdy-looking glasses that can hold small volumes of drinks. Cocktails that are served in rock glasses get made in the glass itself rather than in a drink shaker. You can mix different liquors, flavours with ice, and finally, stir the drink a little before serving or drinking.

2. Martini Glass

Martini glasses are some of the most versatile and commonly loved cocktail glasses that every bar has. Like shot glasses, that can be used with literally anything, martini glasses are unique, fun, and colourful low volume cocktail glasses that people love to be served in. This glass allows drinkers to enjoy the aroma of the drink, thanks to its broad rim and conical bowl.

3. Collins Glass

If you don’t have highball cocktail glasses available, you can go for Collins glasses, as they are the perfect highball glass alternative. Collins glasses can hold a high volume non-alcoholic mixture, a liquor of your choice, and ice. People who don’t know much about glasses often confuse Collins glasses with highball glasses, however, these are different cocktail glasses. Compared to highball glasses, Collins glasses are narrower and taller.

4. Nick and Nora Glasss

Nick and Nora's glasses are trendier and versatile. These go well with normal alcoholic drinks and it’s also a great cocktail glass. Not every bartender in the town has these glasses, but if you keep these in your glass collection, it can be a great addition. These glasses can hold around 3-6 ounces of non-alcoholic mixture with liquor and topping of your choice.

5. Coupe Glass

If you are not a fan of Nick and Nora glasses, you should go for the coupe glass. These glasses are also called champagne saucers, as these types of glasses are normally preferred for champagnes. However, cocktails can look just as great in these glasses.

6. Red Wine Glass

Red wine glasses have comparatively larger bowls. Also, they are wider and taller than white wine glasses, giving the aroma and flavours the required space to mix properly. Also, its narrower rim increases the intensity of the aroma that reaches your nose. Red wine is all about intense flavour and aroma, and this glass is perfect for that.

7. White Wine Glass

There are a lot of similarities between white wine glasses compared to red wine glasses. However, there is a reason why these are two separate types of glasses for two separate types of drinks. White wine glasses have a slightly narrower bowl and its rim is smaller than that of red wine glasses. White wine glasses are designed for lighter flavours and aromas, which is why these glasses are opposite to Red Wine Glasses, despite looking similar.

8. Snifter

Snifter glasses are great for drinkers who like to hold their drinks in the palm of their hands with ease. These glasses have a short stem, making their grip a lot easier. Sometimes, glasses that have long stems are difficult to handle and prevent the heat of your hand to reach your drink. Thanks to its short stem, the warmth of your palm can reach the glass, sullying your chilled drink in the process.

9. Delmonico

If you want a smaller cocktail glass that resembles the Collins glass, you should go for the Delmonico glass. Delmonico glasses are great for drinks like Amaretto Sours and other types of cocktails.

10. Flute

These glasses are narrow, straight, and tall. These glasses are normally used with champagnes and are a great choice of cocktail glass for formal gatherings like weddings or formal dinners. However, do not fill the glass as you’ll end up spilling champagne. So only fill hold the glass carefully. Flutes are the best glasses for aromatic drinks.

There are other glasses as well that you can buy in the market, and some glasses have very unique designs as well. However, these glasses are simply the best cocktail glasses that money can buy.