Selecting the right Commercial Bar Stools

Choosing commercial bar stools can be a daunting task most times unlike what might previously think. You might already have an idea or picture of what you need regarding design, color, and even style. But did you think of its height, should your stools have armrests? Or do you want them to swivel? These are things you need to consider before selecting a commercial bar stool.

Here, we are going to present a list of these things, though not exhaustive, that would go a long way in helping you select the right bar stool that meets your needs.


One of the first things you need to consider is the position where you will place your bar stools. This will go a long way in helping you decide on other things like the style and color you’d be needing, especially if your space is divided into different sections with different themes. A bright color might fit close to the window, but a color that’s darker will suffice at the rear end of your bar area.


The height of the stool will greatly depend on the positioning of the stool as well as the tables you will use. There should be enough leg room between the bottom of the table or countertop and the top of the seat. Some restaurants and bars often tend to neglect this even though it sounds quite easy.


While selecting stylish commercial bar stools is necessary, endeavor not to cut on comfort. A comfortable stool is one that guarantees customers’ comfort and hence brings back customers. Selecting bar stools with padded seats offers your customers an excellent seating experience. This will make them want to sit for longer periods to enjoy their meal. This is particularly important in bars and pubs where your customers are expected to sit for extended periods.

However, in restaurants, you might get away with less comfortable commercial bar stools since the bar counter is just where customers wait for their orders and not the main area.


Selecting commercial bar stools with swivels gives your customers the ability to move from one end to the other without the hassle of having to move the base of the stool. While bar stools with swivels might be great at the bar counter, no customer wants to be spinning around while eating – so keep them away from your tables.


Footrests are often underrated, but they are crucial. They give your customers the comfort of seating without hurting their legs. This will especially appeal to your female customers wearing heals all day long. A backrest, on the other hand, will also offer some valuable comfort to their clients. Same applies with armrests; they look good and comfortable too. One challenge is that they might be harder to fit correctly as they don’t tuck under your table or your counter.

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