Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machines

Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machines

Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machines

12 April 2018
By Shaun Rynne

Remember the time when you had to do everything manually, especially the long tiring days in your restaurant? You would second this fact, preparation time for your customers was more when cutting, grating, cooking and preparing foods and vegetables, was done manually. Wouldn’t you?

Now, since the technology and innovation has made a quick headway a couple of years ago, all the long-drawn-out works are easily performed through using automatic machines and cutters which have tremendously made our lives easier, convenient and trouble-free.

With the remarkable quality and durable ability, Robot Coupe vegetable preparation machines also advance into the market to transform your day-to-day kitchen chores for into easy, uncomplicated and expedient restaurant/bar routines.

Robot coupe’s vegetable cutters are immensely innovative, functional, and specialized machines that provide efficient solutions to the everyday domestic tasks. Customers find these appliances quite helpful and beneficial and that’s why they like to perform all their vegetable cutting preparations using only these machines.

With wide-ranging varieties, models, product types and technical benefits, each vegetable cutting equipment is furnished with appropriate setting, system and utilisation.
Primarily, there are three models that are equipped with appropriate precision, strength, quality measure, cleaning adjuncts and ergonomics.

Let’s take a sneak peek into these models.

An Overview to 3 Models of Robot Coupe

All the models are meticulously designed to accommodate cutting, grinding, slicing, grating, dicing and blending of vegetables in an ideally automatic, optimal and convenient way.

Robot Coupe CL50 is one of these models which is easy-to-use and easy-to-care. With great precision and finest quality finish, this vegetable cutter comes in better utilisation than doing vegetable cutting preparation manually or through the ordinary rotary food cutter.

Now, with the upgraded, optimised and ultra-effective characteristics, Robot Coupe CL 50 Ultra is the proficient vegetable cutter which can withstand the processing of large number of vegetables in very operative and applicable manner. This model is designed to facilitate the heavy vegetable-making quickly, expediently and properly.  

The third model, Robot Coupe CL 50 Gourmet is more advanced and specialised one, designed with unique features, while using cutting-edge technology. With optimised cleaning facilities and effective utility, the model is perfectly-constructed for all the vegetable preparing operations. Thus, all of these automatic vegetable preparation machines are highly, efficient, optimum, fast and productive.

Let’s take a glance on the below table to understand even better.


 Robot Coupe Models

CL 50

CL 50 Ultra

CL 50 Gourmet

Capacity and throughput

  • Has a large hopper of 139 cm square surface area that can efficiently manage with over 10 vegetables, say 10 tomatoes simultaneously.


  • Best for weighty vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and celeriac,
  • Load capacity is 2.2 litres.
  • With 139 cm square surface area large hopper, this model is also an excellent cutter to cope with bulky vegetables and 10 small vegetables at a time.


  • Load capacity is 2.2 litres.
  • The capacity is quite large with big feed hopper of 132 cm square that can smartly manage the bulky vegetable items.


  • Load capacity is 2.1 litres.


  • The 58 mm cylindrical hopper automates the processing with high precision to handle the cutting and grating of subtle and large vegetables such as cucumbers, mushrooms, bottle gourd etc.
  • The precision with 58 mm cylindrical hopper is perfect to process long and delicate vegetables like   courgettes, cucumbers, mushrooms etc.


  • The 69mm cylindrical hopper is well-integrated with a removable container that accelerate the processing of dish-making of waffles, gaufrette, wafers and brunoise in small quantities with great precision.


  • The motor base is made of polycarbonate compound which is ideal to regulate the processing of greater quantities.
  • The motor base is manufactured in stainless steel base that can easily withstand the processing of large quantities.
  • The motor base is made of stainless steel with a removable collection tray to cater the small quantities of diced and sliced vegetables.


  • Has a new lid shape that helps in removing the residues from all the bits and spaces of corners.
  • Has a new lid shape cleaning function to remove the food remnants.
  • With removable collection tray, the model facilitates easier cleaning.



  • With all user-friendly and enhanced standards, this model has also the lever-activated auto restart facility.
  • Similar to CL 50, this model has also lever-activated auto-restart facility.
  • The vegetable bowl and lid is made of metal.

Power and Speed

  • Power is 550 Watts
  • Comes in 2 speed version: 375 rpm and 750 rpm
  • Power is 500 watts
  • Speed is 375 rpm
  • The power is 650 watts
  • Speed is 375 rpm


  • 20 KG
  • 20 KG
  • 22 KG

Available Disks

  • 48
  • 50
  • Wide collection of precision-sharpened discs


  • 12 Months
  • 12 Months
  • 12 Months

These reliable vegetable cutting equipment are high in demand. All restaurant, hotels and bar owners greatly use these professional vegetable cutters for commercial purposes.

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