Robot Coupe Specialises in Food Preparation Equipment


Robot Coupe Specialises in Food Preparation Equipment

12 October 2021
By Shaun Rynne

If you are a professional chef or a commercial kitchen owner, you would be familiar with Robot Coupe. This French company specialises in a wide range of food preparation equipment items. This credible food equipment producer was founded 30 years ago and has now developed a rapport among professional chefs worldwide. Majority of the chefs choose this company because of its reliable and durable range of kitchen equipment and fair robot coupe prices. All the products are specially designed for commercial kitchens, delivering immense power for heavy use and longevity. With its simple, easy-to-use, and safe equipment items, chefs can clean it without any hassle.

Initially, the company mastered the design of the durable Robocop food processors and has now extended its product range, creating multi-functional and compact blenders, juicers, vegetable preparation machines, disc collections, cutters, slicers, and other processing units. Let’s discuss a few popular Robot coupe equipment items.


  1. Robot Coupe Food Processors

When it comes to food preparation, chefs require technical and creative skills. Their art of cooking can be best assessed if they have a reliable food processor. Assisting chefs in chopping, mixing, and pureeing foods, this appliance is one of the mandatory requirements in culinary. Exclusively designed keeping in mind the chef’s ease, robot coupe food processors are compact and come with the multifunctional feature. This 2-in-1 machine combines cutter and vegetable slicer being the chef’s one of the greatest allies in every kitchen.

  1. Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machine

Chefs cut, chop, shred, slice, dice, and do much more with vegetables. Keeping their uses in mind, Robot Coupe introduced its vegetable preparation machine workstation. An exceeding versatile unit, decreasing the prep time and takes the kitchen capabilities to the next level. The workstation has all the equipment items that chefs need to prepare the vegetables or fruits to prepare a quick salad or chop ingredients for any dish. This vegetable workstation is robust, easy-to-use, and clean is one of the mandatory requirements for commercial kitchens.

  1. Robot Coupe Commercial Juice Extractors

Another very useful product added by Robot Coupe is the automatic commercial juice extractor. Many food enthusiasts enjoy fresh juices with their meal therefore, this is also an essential item to keep in your commercial kitchen. This heavy-duty, quick, quiet, and efficient juice extractor is an ideal solution for making large quantities of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetable juices in minimal time. These commercial automatic juice extractors come with magnetic safety switches and ventilation systems for consistent high-performance. Also, with their auto-feed systems, it becomes easy to continuously include fruits and vegetables in the juicer.

  1. Robot Coupe Blixer

An important kitchen equipment, Blixer permits chefs to grind, chop, liquefy, puree and emulsify the meals. A great time-saving machine that can help all busy chefs. With just a simple push-button use and controls, chefs can prepare hundreds of meals in larger quantities each day with ease. Blixer can assist the commercial kitchen workers to prepare texture-modified food items for the enthusiasts. Whether the items are cooked or are in raw form; savoury or sweet; mains or entrees; cheese or dessert, all forms can be processed at different texture levels suiting your taste. 

  1. Robot Coupe Immersion Blenders

Coming in different ranges including micromix, compact and a large range, Robot Coupe has produced five kinds of blenders at the forefront of innovation. No matter the size of the batter, these sturdy, compact, and high-performance stick blenders can mix, emulsify and whip in a minimal time. Their easy-of-use, hygiene, durability, and versatility make them a go-to choice for commercial kitchens. Also, chefs do not need to worry about the noise, they are quiet and powerful to make the perfect foam. The stainless steel ensures its durability.

Enhance Your Commercial Kitchen with Premium Quality Food Preparation Equipment Items

Robot Coupe is a brand that has a wide range of innovative kitchen appliances and equipment items. This brand is one of the top choices of hundreds of commercial kitchen owners in Australia. If you are setting up your kitchen, you should consider buying premium quality kitchen equipment items from a reliable catering equipment seller in Australia.

Always choose the suppliers who guarantee fast shipping and delivery of the kitchen equipment, have inventory in stock, offer legit products from the brands, and have 24/7 customer service. Also, always opt for the service provider who has over years of experience in providing the best brands for cooking at the best prices.