Disposable Cutlery: Buying Guide

Disposable Cutlery: Buying Guide

Disposable Cutlery: Buying Guide

18 January 2021
By Shaun Rynne

Disposable cutlery is one of the best options for meals on-the-go and casual dining. It is also a good aid in reducing your clean up time after an event or catering. While anything disposable sparks debate at present because of environmental concerns, this is something we just could not eliminate easily because of the practicality and convenience it offers.

When buying disposable cutlery, however, it is good to weigh in your options and see what suits you best. There are many eco-friendly disposable cutlery available in the market today. You have to check those that are made of good quality and are not easily breakable because you are going to use them on your food. In this guide, we’ve listed down some good options for disposable cutlery.

There are basically two classifications of disposable cutlery: the eco-friendly and the plastic.

Eco-friendly Cutlery

  • Wood Cutlery. Wooden cutlery is fast becoming a trend especially to fast food restaurants. It is biodegradable and recycle and it looks pleasing to the eye. It is also not heavy, and comfortable to use. However, wooden cutlery is not as durable as the other cutlery. Usually, the wooden one is made from birch wood and great for snacks or light food.
  • Bamboo Cutlery. Bamboo is thicker and is more durable than the wooden cutlery. It is made from the sheath of a bamboo plant. Many people, especially the eco-lovers, love using bamboo cutlery as well as other bamboo products because it is all-natural and no bamboo plants are actually destroyed in the process of production. They are great for hot and cold food.
  • Compostable Plastic Cutlery. There is such thing a biodegradable plastic and most that are being sold in the supermarket today are labeled so that consumers are aware. Compostable or biodegradable plastic cutlery is made from sustainable plastic, composed of mainly cornstarch, vegetable fat, and oil. It is very durable since the look and feel is very similar to the real ones. While this type of cutlery is durable, it is not recommended for ultra-hot food.
  • PSM Cutlery. The PSM or plant-based cutlery is made from plant starch produced mainly by corn, potato, and wheat. It is very durable and is both water and oil proof. It can also be used to serve cold and sizzling hot food. While plant-based cutlery is not biodegradable, it is still considered as eco-friendly because the materials used are renewable.

Plastic Cutlery

Plastic is obviously not good for the environment but it is relatively cheaper and it is recyclable. At present, plastic cutlery is still the most used type of cutlery available. You can see them everywhere and because it is cheap, it is widely available and a go-to staple for get together or mini caterings. Plastic cutlery can sometimes be soft or sturdy, depending on the materials used. The Polypropylene type is the common one we see in supermarkets. It is very flexible and great for light dishes. The Polystyrene type, however, is stronger but not as flexible as the Polypropylene one. Plastic cutlery can also be medium or heavyweight. And while plastic cutlery is recyclable, not everyone will actually recycle it and just dispose of it after use.