Different Types Of Commercial Washing Equipment

Different Types Of Commercial Washing Equipment

Different Types Of Commercial Washing Equipment

9 April 2018
By Shaun Rynne

Maintaining optimum hygiene levels is one of the utmost priorities of businesses that operate in the hospitality industry and rightly so. After all, a single customer complaint over a dirty dish or glass can leave a negative impression on the brand which can become a barrier in boosting clientele.

Purchasing the right kind washing equipment can help you ensure that your crockery will remain spotless and squeaky clean. While there are numerous brands of commercial washing equipment in Australia, this is not the only piece of equipment to keep your kitchen space clutter free. In fact, there’s so much more that you can explore in this category. 

Commercial Dishwashers - The King

A commercial dishwasher is the trusted sidekick for your kitchen staff members who have so much to handle and execute in a single workday. Boasting of state-of-the-art features, sturdy materials, durable design and classic finishing, this equipment comes with the option of maintaining high or low temperature so that you can safely use chemicals or hot water to disinfect dishes without any concerns.

If space saving is a top priority on your list then that should not compel you to think twice before making a purchase decision as manufacturers of commercial dishwashers in Australia design their product line to meet unique customer needs by offering full-sized and compact commercial dish washers. Culinaire, Eswood, Norris, Electrolux, Comenda and Winterhalter lead the list of premium brands if you are on the lookout for this versatile piece of equipment.

Commercial Glass Washers - The Queen

Glassware is delicate, fragile and in many cases rather expensive as well. An unexpected moment where a staff member loses their concentration and breaks an exquisite wine glass can cost your business hundreds of dollars. This is one of the many reasons why hospitality establishments should consider investing in commercial glass washers to ensure pricey specialty glassware is put exactly where it belongs as soon as it makes its way to the kitchen from the dining area.

Compared to a conventional dishwashing unit, commercial glass washers in Australia are designed with the purpose of carefully handling fragile items. There are different versions of this equipment which are available in the market that vary in dimensions, styles and pricing.

Pass Through Dishwashers - The Dark Horse

Lo and behold because there is a dark horse in this race too. To free up even more space and time, consider buying a pass through dishwasher that works with minimal to zero supervision by stacking out clean dishes as you place in the dirty ones. Much of the features of this equipment are comparable commercial dishwashers but it is the functionality that it has to offer which grabs the win. Hobart and Electrolux are two of the most renowned brands to buy this equipment from.

Your Dream Kitchen Awaits!

Your ideal kitchen cannot be completed without having a commercial washing solution that caters to your needs and enables staff to take on other tasks without dabbling into a clutter of dirty dishes. Whether you run a café, bar or a high-end restaurant this is one piece of equipment you should not miss out on.