Different Types of Cake Displays

Different Types of Cake Displays

Different Types of Cake Displays

23 October 2018
By Shaun Rynne

After a good meal, some cake would put anyone in a good mood. If your restaurant makes delicious cakes, you don’t want to let them go to waste. That being said, seeing them on the menu may not be enough for your customers to decide whether they should buy them or not.

Therefore, cake displays are a method you should use to store cakes, as well as pastries, cupcakes, and anything of the sort. Moreover, it’s an attractive way to showcase your mouth-watering desserts, thus being a great strategy used to increase sales.

From Exquisite to Bromic, Anvil, and Williams, these popular brands provide you with some of the most stunning cake displays for your business. However, what are the categories you should consider before investing in one? Here are the types of cake displays to look for in order to boost cake sales.

Cake Display Shapes

Cake displays come in multiple shapes that are – each in its own way – emphasizing the beauty of the patisserie and allowing more or fewer space for the cakes. From square glass to curved glass, they have a charm of their own, which is essential if you want your clients to buy your cakes. The shapes available to buy for your restaurant or bakery are:

One of the cake display shapes you might come across quite often is the square one. Although you may think the shape doesn’t matter when it comes to showcasing your products, you’ll be surprised to know that it actually has a say in the way clients view them.

When the case of the display is straight, it has the advantage of decreasing the reflection that comes from overhead lighting. Therefore, customers will see the cake for what it is, without being distracted by any reflection – thus, they will focus on what’s in front of them. Basically, they slant slightly around 12 degrees, which is what contributes to the effect of the cakes’ appearance.

They are simple yet beautiful and allow you to showcase other products on top of it as well.

Another cake display with a specific glass shape that you will find while browsing for such appliances are curved ones. As their name suggests, the glass through which your clients will stare at the products has a slightly curved shape.

Their advantage is that they enhance the visibility of the cakes you store inside, as the glass doesn’t stop, but it rather curves back. Besides, the design is more delicate and shows cakes in a totally different light compared to square displays. If you want to highlight the attention that has been used to create your restaurant’s artistic patisserie products, a curved glass cake display is the way to go.

Corner cake displays are so amazing because they offer you more space to store your products. For bigger restaurants where the demand for desserts is bigger, a vital part of running the business is to show clients everything they can buy. Whereas curved and square cake displays are great, they are a little limited. Also, simply uniting two displays may not always work, especially if you don’t have the space for that.

Corner cake displays can be used to unite two separate cake displays, thus creating a space from where your employees are able to serve clients. They are very useful as they are not only adding more room for your products, but also have a beauty of their own.

As such, if you’re barely able to handle your clients’ demand for patisserie products, you should consider adding this extra display fridge.


Since cake displays are designed to emphasize your cakes and make them stand out to increase sales, lighting is an important aspect. Most of them are illuminated, but the type of light they shine upon your goodies can be different.

In other words, cake displays can have:

  • Standard-Setting Lighting

This is the type of light you usually find for most cake displays. It isn’t colored, and it’s just meant to make your products more visible to the customers whenever they’re looking.

  • Colored Lighting

Depending on the brand and display, some of them have colored light bulbs that have the power to make cakes more appealing. It all comes down to your products, but if you have many types of cakes with different colors, a colored lighting cake display may be perfect for your business.

Final Thoughts

Getting proper knowledge about the types of cake displays can only benefit your business in the long run. Considering how many brands and categories you can find when browsing for these appliances, it’s hard to determine which one is the best for you at first glance. As such, information can save your business and bring it on top.

If you want your cakes to shine like no others, make sure you choose a proper cake display according to this guide.