Countertop Deep Fryer Buying Guide

If you are looking to fry up delicious appetizers, entrees, and sides then adorn your kitchen with the right commercial deep fryers and fry away. There’s a deep fryer for every scale of frying needs you have; from domestic to commercial purposes. Fryers come with different capabilities, configurations, and sizes so there’s work to do before spotting the perfect deep fryer for you.

Well, you can crack a smile as this buying guide helps you answer a few questions that would have plagued you as you battled towards finding your commercial deep fryer of choice.

What is a commercial deep fryer?

In commercial facilities, fried foods are popular across most meal menus. With a large customer base to feed, a commercial deep fryer is a kitchen appliance that allows you heat a large volume of cooking oil for a more enhanced deep frying experience. Countertop deep fryers generally come in two options, single pan deep fryer and double pan deep fryer.

How much does a deep fryer cost?

It should come as a little surprise that the commercial deep fryer costs more than the residential deep fryer, because they tend to commercial needs. However, the perk of being able to fry large quantities of foods at an instant make commercial deep fryers cost effective. Like most kitchen appliances, the cost of a commercial deep fryer varies with the features that come with it. So, you could find a commercial deep fryer from the $150 mark and more.

How to use a commercial deep fryer?

Basically, a commercial deep fryer allows you heat large volumes of oil to a desired temperature before immersing the food for frying inside. However, commercial deep fryers exist in different forms with distinct features. Besides the basic use of a commercial deep fryer, the functionality of these appliances will vary with respect to the features they adorn. Due to the deep frying, you might want to allow your fries drain off some oil on a platter, some commercial deep fryers may have this feature built in.

Cleaning a commercial deep fryer

For the sake of the longevity of your commercial deep fryer and quality of your fries, you will want to clean your deep fryer regularly. Changing the oil after a few fries will prevent subsequent fries from looking and tasting oddly differently. IF you are wondering how often you should clean your deep fryer, daily would do. Let the oil cool then drain it off. Now, you can dive in and clean the interior with warm and soapy water. Vinegar is a popular cleaning agent and a ½ cup of vinegar mixed in water comes in handy after draining the soapy water from the deep fryer. There are various cleaning techniques out there, but whatever you do, ensure your fryer is completely dry before engaging in any frying.

May be fried foods taste better, but every consumer seems to have some sort of affinity towards a kind of fry. Chicken wings, French fries and chips are just a few of the popular fries that a commercial deep fryer can help you prepare. Get you the right commercial deep fryer and get making fresh and crispy fries for your customers all the time.