Commercial Toasters vs Conveyor Toasters

People still troop into restaurants or other commercial kitchens in large numbers looking to eat some toast. With such commercial demand for toasts the commercial toaster was born. Commercial toasters vary in features, styles and accommodating configurations.  There are so many commercial toasters out there, so it’s hard to make a choice? Well, here are a few points to consider to guide you in making the right choice.

What Are the Different Kinds of Commercial Toasters Out There?

Toasters exist in two basic types; the conveyor and pop-up toasters. If you were wondering, ‘Do the types really matter?’ Yes, they do. Here’s why:

Conveyor Toasters

This is more suitable for large scale toasting. These sorts of commercial toasters have the capacity to deliver over 2,000 toasts in an hour. Amazing, right? Foods are placed on the conveyor and they go through the toaster and slide out “toasted!”

Pop-up Toasters

These are the sort of toasters that find their way to our homes for domestic satisfaction. However, they still fit the commercial bill. They come with 2 to 4 slots, perfect for commercial facilities where demand for toasts might be low. They can be intense too, with a toasting capacity of about 280 to 500 toasts per hour.

Volume of Toasts and Capacity of Toaster

For commercial needs, the factor to determine the type of toaster you get is the potential volume of toasting to be done. In a commercial facility where large demands must be met, conveyor toasters can plug in and enhance the process. So, when you waltz into Alpha Catering Equipment looking to buy a commercial toaster, take into consideration the volume of toasts to be made daily and the quantity of the toaster to suit the quantity.

Design of Toaster

It doesn’t take a lot of experience to realize that designs and decors have a place in the kitchen. The clear majority of toasters out there are plated with either aluminum or chrome materials. If you want your commercial toaster featuring in a buffet set up, then the Chrome plate will prove a perfect partner with the chafing dish and all. There are commercial toasters in customized colors and patterns, whichever works for your cuisine is yours. So, with that, you have a choice to make.


Toasters look and function better when they are taken care of like other appliances. Whichever kind of toaster you end up with, put a lot of consideration into getting a toaster that can be disassembled and assembled easily. This allows you to clean the machine thoroughly and get it back toasting like nothing happened.

Besides the passion of cooking, there’s little fun in the kitchen. However, the right commercial toaster can throw some fun into your large toasting activities, and present you with just the right tool to make your foods just how you want them. So, there you have it. You now are equipped with a guide on commercial toasters, get into the stores and buy the toaster made just for you.