Chefs Clothing Buying Guide

Chefs Clothing Buying Guide

Chefs Clothing Buying Guide

13 March 2019
By Shaun Rynne

The chefs in your restaurant’s kitchen are valuable because they are the ones getting the food ready and making sure your customers will stay loyal. Therefore, you should show them the respect they deserve for the hard work they put in, and what better way to do so than through some proper and high-quality chefs clothing? Your chefs should represent your brand and look professional enough to make a good impression. This is where the need for qualitative clothes comes into play, and you need to invest in something that’s not only good looking but also practical. As such, here is our high-quality chef equipment that will emphasize your brand’s professionalism.

Chef Aprons

Many chefs choose to wear aprons while they’re doing their job. Not only that they’re cool and make the chef look the part, but they also serve as a defense mechanism. Basically, while cooking, there could be accidents, such as splatters, spills and so on. The apron is worn over chef attire, thus protecting the rest of the outfit as a result.
Given they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, you can easily choose something that will make your employees look amazing, but also represent your brand. Some of the aprons you can choose from are:

  • Front of house aprons: unisex tuxedo aprons, money pockets, bistro aprons and bib aprons
  • Back of house aprons: waterproof and disposable aprons, chef’s aprons, bib aprons

Chefs Jackets & Tunics

A chef is full of responsibilities. Besides chopping and cooking the food, he also has to be careful at the cooking process and always keep an eye on the appliances. It’s overwhelming, and only normal that he needs a jacket to show how serious he/she is about his/her profession. In addition, the clothing has to compliment him/her, which is why it’s important to invest in a good jacket, such as:

  • Vegas unisex jackets
  • Le Chef tunics and jackets
  • Chicago unisex jackets

Chefs Pants

Pants are an important part of a chef’s clothing because your dear employee moves around a lot, so he/she needs to feel comfortable at all times. As such, investing in some high-quality pants will do the trick, and ensure your chef is doing his/her job with pleasure.
Some of the most durable and stylish chef pants are:

  • Le Chef trousers
  • Easy fit unisex pants
  • Chef works pants

Chefs Headwear

Although it might have no effect on the cooking capabilities of your chef, headwear is something to consider. Whereas the outfit works perfectly without a hat, this could still be great for completing the overall look of the attire. In addition, the right headwear will provide some comfort and style to your valuable employee. Not to mention that is can prevent any unwanted hair from getting in your customers’ meals.
You can choose from:

  • Le Chef hats
  • Disposable hair nets and hats
  • Chef’s skull caps
  • Chef hats
  • Chef beanie
  • Baseball cap

Chef Shoes

Shoes shouldn’t be forgotten, as you need to think about everything that will contribute to your chef’s comfort during the working hours. A chef’s footwear should be comfortable and match the rest of the outfit. Also, it must have a non-slip sole so there’s no risk of accidents. Last, but not least, these items should be easy to maintain, while being able to last for a long period of time and go through a lot of wear and tear.
Some of the products you can choose are:

  • Safety boots and shoes
  • Chef’s clogs

Chefs Shirts

A chef’s shirts should be designed in such a way to compliment your employee and brand while being useful and practical for all the kitchen tasks. Furthermore, they need to be comfortable, unless you want your chef to struggle with moving than with their cooking tasks.
Without a doubt, some of the most common and comfortable chef shirts are:

  • Polo shirts

Chef Ties

A stylish chef will automatically make an impression to your customers, and if your aim is to prove to your guests that you are a reliable brand, your chef has to represent you. A good way to make an impression is by purchasing proper clothes for your chef, and one particular element that matters a lot is the tie. Ties add a touch of elegance and will complete the look of your employee.
Of course, ties come in a variety of colors and patterns, so choose the ones that match your chef’s formal attire.

If you care about your chefs and the well-functioning of your business, you need to invest in good pieces of chefs clothing that look good and are as comfortable as possible. Check the categories and products presented in this article, and you will surely find something that will help your chef make a great impression on your customers.