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Bakery Equipment Checklist 2021: Everything You Need To Know!

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Bakery Equipment Checklist 2021: Everything You Need To Know!

1 May 2021
By Shaun Rynne

Opening and running a bakery requires that you have the latest high-quality baking equipment and tools along with excellent bakery chefs. The right equipment helps streamline the commercial baking of goods in large quantities. It naturally makes it easier to prep, bake, and serve your baked goods on a daily basis. 

Having the right baking equipment makes all the difference whether you offer baked snacks or artisan goods. The latest equipment for baking will help increase the productivity and quality of your bakery significantly. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with the ultimate bakery equipment list for operating a successful bakery in 2021. Let’s dive right in!

1. Bakery Ovens

Bakery ovens are the most important bakery equipment in the kitchen. For a commercial bakery, you need ovens that can bake your goods in large quantities. There are different types of commercial ovens that you can choose from, each serving a unique purpose. Take a look at the list of a few bakery ovens that make your bakery more productive and efficient:

a. Standard Oven

All small bakery kitchens need a standard oven. If you run a restaurant with the component of bakery goods, then a standard oven may suffice. However, for a large-scale bakery that exclusively sells baked goods, you may need a more commercial oven.  

Standard overs are easy to operate and manage. They also don't cost you a lot and work perfectly for small batches of baked goodies, such as bread, cookies, bagels, cakes, and other pastries. 

b. Deck Oven

If you run a commercial bakery that offers artisan bread, including ciabatta, baguettes, sourdough bread, and others, then a deck oven makes an excellent choice for you. Deck ovens are specially designed to prepare high-quality artisan bread.

This type of bakery oven has a deck made of either ceramic or stone for placing the food. Deck ovens usually have space for multiple decks, so you can bake a large quantity in one go. 

c. Rack Oven

Rake oven is another great choice for a commercial bakery. These ovens prepare a large number of bagels, bread, and pastries. Rack ovens contain about 8 to 12 stone or metal shelves, so you can prepare a large batch of baked items in one go. 

d. Conveyor Oven

Conveyor ovens are an excellent option for bakeries. They allow you to bake a large volume of baked items quickly and without requiring professional supervision. These ovens are super easy to operate and use. However, this oven doesn't bake all types of goods, and you'll also need either a rack or a deck oven in your bakery for other goods.

2. Freezer

A freezer is another essential piece of equipment that a bakery cannot do without. Most finished baking goods and baking ingredients require a very low temperature for storage. If you prepare some goods in advance, you can freeze them to keep them fresh for longer. 

For a medium-sized commercial bakery, we recommend upright freezers. This type of freezer has multiple shelves for storing your goods and accessing them easily.  

3. Reach-In Refrigerator

All kitchens and bakeries need at least one large reach-in refrigerator. A refrigerator can store and keep your baking ingredients fresh. Items such as milk, eggs, butter, fruits, and other products require low temperatures to stay fresh and cool for use. Reach-in refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, so you should do your research and pick one according to your bakery’s needs.

4. Commercial Mixer

Commercial bakeries need to prepare large batches of pastries and high volumes of baked goods to cater to customers throughout the day. That is why a heavy-duty commercial mixer is essential for a bakery kitchen. It helps you prepare a variety of baking essentials such as frostings, icings, cookie and bread doughs, etc. 

We recommend getting planetary mixers that attach to the shaft. They usually come with three attachments, including the whisk for light mixtures such as frostings, a beater for medium mixtures like cookie dough and batters, and dough hooks for bread and thicker doughs. 

5. Dough Mixer

In addition to a commercial mixer, getting a dough mixer will also make your bakery more productive and functional. This mixer will help prepare dense dough mixtures, like bread and pizza. These mixers have a moving bowl with a stationary shaft to ensure even distribution and mixing.

6. Dough Divider

Cutting dough manually requires hours of hard work. That is why having a dough divider is essential for a commercial bakery. It reduces the time that goes into dough cutting significantly. All you need to do is place the dough flattened on the reel plate, and the divider will cut into smaller pieces equally. The dough will be ready for baking right after.  

7. Food Processor

A food processor is another essential piece of equipment for a commercial bakery. It makes the process of preparing a large number of ingredients quicker and more convenient. You can process vegetables, fruits, ground meat, and other ingredients for different fillings and stuffing mixtures. Food processors make all the baking prep tasks quick and easy, allowing you to bake more high-quality goods in a shorter time.

8. Liquid & Dry Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you want to bake quality goods consistently, you need to be precise in your measurements. That is why measuring cups and spoons are essential for all bakery kitchens. Make sure you get measuring tools for both wet and dry ingredients to ensure consistency in your recipes. These are the tools that the bakers will use daily, so they need to be kept in a place where they are easily reachable.  

9. Essential BakewareTools

Along with the big, commercial, and heavy-duty equipment, you also need essential bakeware to prepare all the baking goods. These tools help you with different baking procedures and tasks that go into creating baking goods. Make sure your commercial bakery has the following bakeware tools:

  • Baking pans, cake pans, sheet pans, muffin pans, and specialty pans
  • Dough cutters
  • Mixing bowls
  • Flour sifters
  • Containers and lids 
  • Spatulas and spoons
  • Pastry knives
  • Rolling pins
  • Cake stands
  • Dough scrapers
  • Ingredients bins
  • Decorative tools

10. Shelving and Storage Cases

Along with refrigerators and freezers, bakeries also need lots of dry shelving storage space. Ingredients like sugar, flour, baking powder, salt, and other dry ingredients require a lot of dry and secure space for storage. Therefore, you should have plenty of shelving and ingredient bins to store all these items in a dry environment. 

11. Commercial Sinks

Commercial sinks are a necessity for bakeries. The sink should at least have three sinks, so you can wash ingredients, equipment, and hands in separate sinks. These sinks make it easier to wash and rinse bakeware and ingredients while working. 

12. Display Cases

Display cases are essential for bakeries to attract customers to their delicious baked goods. Display cases showcase your baked goods while also keeping them fresh at the temperature that they require to stay fresh. Display cases for bakeries have the option of heating, refrigeration, and non-refrigeration. Refrigerated cases are good for items that require cool temperatures, such as cakes, cupcakes, tarts, etc.

13. Boxes for Baked Products

Finally, you need good quality packaging and boxes for go-to orders. You'll need different-sized boxes for cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and other products. You can get them customized to any size, colour, and shape and brand them with your logos. 

Final Words

Investing in the best quality baking equipment pays in the long run, so make sure you make the best choices for your bakery. Check out our collection at Alpha Catering Equipment now!