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At Alpha Catering Equipment, it is our constant endeavor to provide our customers with top quality catering equipment at very reasonable prices. We are the market leader in providing premium bar supplies to our wide base of customers in Australia. In this online section, we are offering a complete range of Bar Supplies that includes bar ice scoops, bar mats, bar tongs, cocktail shakers & accessories, and more. Our commercial bar equipment and accessories feature user-friendly styling and up-class looks, making them ideal for use in catering events, restaurants, dinner halls, cafeterias, etc.

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Bar Supplies
  • Bar Ice Scoops

    When it comes to quality and performance, our range of bar supplies is at par with the best in industry. Our bar ice scoops are designed to make preparing drinks and beverages a lot more convenient, quick, and hygienic.

  • Bar Mats

    We specialize in the niche of catering equipment and bar supplies for different hosting requirements. Our bar mats are meant to keep the drink preparing and serving area dry and safe for you. Our rubber bar mats are slip-resistant at front and back both.

  • Bar Pourers & Storers

    Our regular clients depend upon us to provide the biggest online inventory of the finest bar supplies. These include Bar Pourers & Storers. Bar pourers and storers are a great way to keep your hotel or restaurant bar area clutter-free and organized.

  • Bar Tongs

    At Alpha Catering Equipment, we understand your catering needs better than any one else in the industry. We know that your bar staff needs to be quick and confident while serving drinks to the guests. Our intelligently designed bar tongs are just one of the ways to ensure this.

  • Bill Spikes & Tip Trays

    Our Bill Spikes & Tip Trays meet the highest standards of quality associated with the hospitality and catering segment. These elegantly designed receipt spikes let you keep all your bill receipts conveniently stored with in your hand's reach and also looks great on the reception table

  • Bottle Brackets

    With a growing list of professionally designed catering equipment that includes a vast range of commercial bar supplies, Alpha Catering Equipment generates a lot of demand from party planners, event organizers, and banquet managers, Our Bottle Brackets have been devised keeping in mind the heavy-traffic witnessed in bars.

  • Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers

    Choose only Alpha Catering Equipment, if you are looking for catering supplies that can give a professional appearance to your restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria setup. Here, we are offering a smart and reliable variety of Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers.

  • Bottle Openers

    At Alpha Catering Equipment, we want your business to have the best of every catering supply; that is why, we make sure that even the products like bottle openers meet the highest standards of quality, safety and performance.

  • Cocktail Shakers & Accessories

    Give you party a contemporary touch with exclusive bar accessories like cocktail shakers, available at Alpha Catering Equipment at affordable prices. In this category, we offer durable cocktail shaker and accessories such as cocktail mixing spoon, shaker glass, cocktail stirrers, shaker can, bar strainer and more. 

  • Condiment Dispensers

    Alpha Catering Equipment offers reasonable priced Condiment Dispensers, which provide an attractive and hygienic option for storing sauces and others condiments like spices, salt, or pickle. Allowing quick service in restaurants, banquet halls or any indoor or outdoor event, our bulk condiment dispensers are manufactured from superior quality materials for a durable use.

  • Corkscrews

    Whether you are dining at a restaurant or attending any party, you can easily spellbind your friends or guests by flaunting the talent of opening the wine bottles with our Corkscrews. Alpha Catering Equipment provides corkscrews online, which enable you to open the wine bottle without bending or breaking the cork.

  • Glass Matts

    Alpha Catering Equipment provides a complete solution for all dining needs. In this niche, we offer superior quality Glass Matts at best prices. These glass mats for bars allow glasses to dry by enabling air to circulate within these mats.

  • Glass Rimmers

    Are you planning for a cocktail party? If yes, then do not miss the exclusive Glass Rimmers offered by Alpha Catering Equipment at affordable prices. Manufactured from high-quality materials, these bar glass rimmers can be used to apply salt or sugar to the rim of a glass.

  • Hangers and Runners

    Serve cocktail to your guests perfectly with Hangers and Runners available at Alpha Catering Equipment. These bar hangers are used to hung the cocktail glasses, allowing quick serving to the guests. Our durable runners hold the bar glasses securely, minimizing the chances of drink spills over the bar tables.

  • Ice Crushers & Caddies

    Get the best Ice Crusher & Caddies including ice bucket, hand ice crusher and sliding lid ice caddy at affordable prices from Alpha Catering Equipment. These professional Ice Crushers and Caddies will be the best addition to your bar, restaurant, home and banquet halls.

  • Juice Squeezers

    Browse through a wide range of commercial Juice Squeezers at reasonable prices from Alpha Catering Equipment, which will be one of the most useful bar supplies for your home, bar, restaurant and banquet halls. Mix fresh juice in your cocktails by easily squeezing out juice from citric fruits like lime and orange.

  • Mixes Purees & Syrups

    Using fresh fruits for cocktails may seem like a good idea but when not used they can lose their freshness and taste. Save your money with a better alternative that is by using mixes, purees and syrups by Alpha Catering Equipment, which will improve the taste of your cocktail and their appearance with less wastage.

  • Speed Rails

    Alpha Catering Equipment brings exclusive bar supplies like Speed Rails, which help bar tenders in storing the bottle of liquor securely. Speed Rails efficiently assist in organizing bottles behind the bar, creating more space for serving the drinks to the guests. They are manufactured from high-quality materials for a durable use.

  • Spirit Dispensers & Measures

    Bar etiquette suggests the use of discreet tools to measure spirits and other cocktail ingredients in a precise and stylish manner. At Alpha Catering Equipment, we offer an interesting collection of spirit dispensers and measures. Choose from fashionable spirit pourers that provide the perfect blend of precise measurements and add to the bar décor.

  • Spoons

    Bar spoons are an essential part of any cocktail ensemble. Used for mixing drinks, stirring cocktail preparations and often used to style-up bar specials, these spoons for bars should be durable and fashionable. At Alpha Catering Equipment, you can choose from a wide range of bar spoons for every cocktail requirement.

  • Stemware Racks

    Add space to your kitchen bars with our Stemware Racks, available at Alpha Catering Equipment. These stemware racks for bars provide safe and convenient storage for stemmed glassware, creating more space for open shelves, which can be used for other purposes like serving drinks or cocktails to guests.

  • Stoppers and Sealers

    Recork a bottle of champagne or wine for another day with Stoppers and sealers, available at Alpha Catering Equipment. In this category, we offer durable and chrome-finished stoppers, which let you enjoy your drink with a hint of fresh froths even if you consume it after a long duration of time.

  • Washing Basket

    Bar hygiene suggests the use of Washing Baskets for optimum cleaning and quick drying of glassware. At Alpha Catering Equipment, we offer stylish and durable washing basket trolleys for cleaning the wine glasses in bulk.

  • Wine & Champagne Buckets

    Bring a contemporary twist to your bar tables with Wine and Champagne Buckets, adding sophisticated touch to the restaurant or hotel décor. Our wine champagne buckets are ideal for presenting bottles on bar tables or catering tables. Manufactured from stainless steel, the mirror polished champagne wine ice bucket is durable and classy.

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